Vision technology for the food and beverage industry

Thanks to high-precision imaging, the food industry tests even difficult-to-check products with absolute reliability.

The result: 100% quality and constantly increasing productivity.

Our company has extensive experience working with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, system integrators and end-users in many aspects of food production, from automated harvesting, processing, sorting and portioning to pre-shipment packaging and label validation.

Where vision can help

The need for reliable, trouble-free product manufacturing is more important than ever in the food, beverage and packaging industries. The pressure to achieve this has led to an extremely high level of production automation in efficient production facilities.

How vision helps

What has been practiced for years in the automotive industry is now being used in the production of food products. More than any other industry and for health reasons, products in this segment must be manufactured without defects, traceable and durable. Against this background, vision technology finds new applications in the food industry as a high-performance and cost-effective method of automatic optical inspection.


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