PLC programming services

A programmable logic controller, or PLC, acts as the brain of most automated or semi-automatic industrial equipment.
A program defines the full operation of a machine, and a well-written program is critical to maintaining and expanding the system
in order to maximize its productivity and achieve a full return on investment.

Both manufacturers and machine builders rely on our solutions to support their operations with professional PLC programming services
and technical support. Our control engineers and electricians are trained on multiple platforms and develop programs for both

in the structures of the state machine and step logic. We have experience in all aspects of industrial automation,
control systems and machine tools, especially older systems.

Our PLC programming services include:


  • Machine control for discrete, batch and process applications
  • Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Function Block and
  • Sequential Function Diagram
  • Data collection and operational reporting
  • Integration of vision systems, robots and motion
  • Bidirectional PLC-PC communication
  • Comprehensive recipe management and order processing
  • SCADA / OPC / IIOT integration
  • Certified security solutions


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